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In today's Wheeling News-Register, Senator Shelley Moore Capito issues a stern warning: “The GOP Won't Let Democrats Change Senate Rules”

Published on 2022-01-22

Taming King’s vision

Published on 2022-01-19

Perspectives on King Day from Senator Manchin and Ogden Newspapers

Published on 2022-01-17

Odds and ends

Published on 2022-01-14

Senator Manchin, again

Published on 2022-01-11

The unemployment rate fell to 3.9% and economy added 199,000 jobs but that’s “disappointing” to Senator Capito and the media

Published on 2022-01-09

West Virginia covid updates

Published on 2022-01-06

Political odds and political ends

Published on 2022-01-05

The Intelligencer shows more disdain for its readers: today's lead editorial is the same editorial that was published last Wednesday

Published on 2022-01-04

The Wheeling Intelligencer continues to shill for Congressman David McKinley’s campaign

Published on 2022-01-03

It's simple: fight efforts to control the virus and then blame Biden for what happens

Published on 2021-12-31

Color me doubtful, but I doubt we’ll soon see a Wheeling Intelligencer front-page interview with Alex Mooney explaining the unfairness of David McKinley’s most recent commercial

Published on 2021-12-29

What goes around, comes around

Published on 2021-12-28

December 23, 2021: The word “principled” is stripped of all meaning

Published on 2021-12-23

More Manchin stuff

Published on 2021-12-20

More on Manchin’s decision to kill the Better Back America bill

Published on 2021-12-19

Senator Joe announces on Fox News that he is killing the Build Back Better bill and voting rights bill

Published on 2021-12-19

Some follow-up on the previous post: Understanding Senator Manchin's and Capito’s opposition to extending child care subsidies

Published on 2021-12-17

“No one pressures me, I’m from West Virginia”

Published on 2021-12-17

More on the Republican coronavirus strategy (WV chapter)

Published on 2021-12-14