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Who would have thunk it?

Published on 2021-10-12

Hey, Riley Moore, name-calling is not a substitute for actual arguments

Published on 2021-10-10

More on Senator Manchin and entitlement

Published on 2021-10-08


Published on 2021-10-05

Business as usual

Published on 2021-10-04

The News-Register weighs in on WV redistricting

Published on 2021-10-03

Some notes on West Virginia's senators

Published on 2021-10-01

Reading the morning paper

Published on 2021-09-29

He’s still the same old senator he used to be*

Published on 2021-09-28

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito meets the press

Published on 2021-09-24

To the Wheeling News-Register’s credit, at least they changed the number of years

Published on 2021-09-22

Joe Manchin to decide the fate of the planet?

Published on 2021-09-21

A question for Senators Capito and Manchin, Governor Justice, and the WV GOP: Why is West Virginia not taking any of the Afghanistan refugees?

Published on 2021-09-17

Editorials, Senator Capito, and West Virginia media

Published on 2021-09-16

Yes, “disdain” may be the best word

Published on 2021-09-14

Despite the date, the largest article in yesterday’s/today’s Wheeling News-Register was not about 9/11

Published on 2021-09-12

Misspellings? Sentences and articles cutoff in mid-sentence? Articles and columns repeated? Sorry, readers, but the Wheeling Intelligencer can no longer afford an editor to keep these mistakes from happening

Published on 2021-09-10

Breaking: Representative Jim Jordan to speak at the West Virginia Trump Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner

Published on 2021-09-09

Which city has more Confederate statues? Richmond, Virginia or Charleston, West Virginia

Published on 2021-09-08

What will our former president be doing on 9/11?

Published on 2021-09-08