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Was it that slow of a news day? WTOV covers Senator Capito's visit to Wheeling's WestBanco Arena where she met some of the players

Published on 2021-04-10

Further proof that Joe Manchin’s “compromise” and “work with the other side” are about keeping himself at center stage

Published on 2021-04-09

The GOP: Sports and politics don’t mix (except when Republicans benefit)

Published on 2021-04-07

NY Times headline on March 27: “In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way”

Published on 2021-04-06

Following the scandal surrounding Congressman Matt Gaetz

Published on 2021-04-02

Breaking story from Forbes: Jim Justice is no longer a billionaire

Published on 2021-03-30

Journalism or propaganda?

Published on 2021-03-27

Eighteen people die in gun violence; the Republican-dominated WV legislature reacts

Published on 2021-03-24

Racism in West Virginia: has it changed much in 62 years?

Published on 2021-03-23

Playing the role of the playground bully is David McKinley (WV – 1)

Published on 2021-03-19

WV’s representatives vote against the Violence Against Women Act

Published on 2021-03-18

WV odds and ends

Published on 2021-03-15

Ogden Newspapers separate the important from the not-so-important

Published on 2021-03-12

There apparently is an inexhaustible supply of truth-challenged, far-right syndicated columnists

Published on 2021-03-09

Of straw men and biased information: Local Ohio congressman Bill Johnson’s attempt to rebut the Ohio River Valley Institute’s fracking study

Published on 2021-03-07

Senator Capito (R - Hypocrisy) explaining her "no" vote on Tuesday: "Many provisions in the so-called COVID relief package have nothing to do with COVID at all" (with update)

Published on 2021-03-06

West Virginia’s senators on the rescue plan and the minimum wage

Published on 2021-03-03

The West Virginia legislature’s war on workers continues

Published on 2021-03-02

West Virginia and CPAC odds and ends

Published on 2021-02-26

Senator Joe doesn’t like mean tweets

Published on 2021-02-24