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What’s happening at Ogden Newspapers?

Published on 2022-06-27

Two members of WV’s public education hierarchy now “adamantly oppose” the state’s voucher program

Published on 2022-06-24

West Virginia’s senators react to today’s abortion decision

Published on 2022-06-24

Senator Capito on the January 6 hearings and the gas tax

Published on 2022-06-21

Odds and ends on WV Day

Published on 2022-06-20

A bipartisan gun deal?

Published on 2022-06-12

No response is my response

Published on 2022-06-10

Guns: Updates on Manchin’s and Capito’s response (or lack, thereof) and arming Ohio’s and WV’s teachers

Published on 2022-06-08

Arming teachers: Ohio’s new law awaits the governor’s signature

Published on 2022-06-02

This is the best that they can do?

Published on 2022-06-01

Updates (or lack, thereof) from WV’s senators on gun legislation

Published on 2022-06-01

Feeling different: déjà vu all over again as Senator Joe recycles an old quote

Published on 2022-05-27

Senate Republicans block domestic terrorism bill

Published on 2022-05-26

The Wheeling Intelligencer, Mac Warner, and the Texas shooting

Published on 2022-05-25

Mooney ethics

Published on 2022-05-23

More Manchin stuff

Published on 2022-05-22

WV Republican baby formula hypocrisy

Published on 2022-05-19

A look at Pennsylvania’s Senate Democratic primary

Published on 2022-05-18

Some thoughts on the McKinley/Mooney election

Published on 2022-05-11

Predictable: without any evidence, WV’s Republican leadership quickly blames Democrats for the Supreme Court leak

Published on 2022-05-06