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What important bills are being considered by the West Virginia legislature?

Published on 2018-01-19

Time for a reality check: an Intelligencer editorial about who's to blame for a government shutdown

Published on 2018-01-18

On the cheap: the Nutting’s business plans for newspapers and baseball teams

Published on 2018-01-17

Propaganda not information: the Intelligencer edits another Associated Press story

Published on 2018-01-16

Representative McKinley please note: even Don Blankenship is willing to host a town hall meeting

Published on 2018-01-10

The locals bring us Robert Murray's reactions to the FERC decision

Published on 2018-01-10

The Wheeling Alternative wrap-up for 2017

Published on 2018-01-09

Covering/not covering important coal stories

Published on 2018-01-09

Yet another Ogden editorial that tells us "it's the Democrats' fault"

Published on 2018-01-05

If you think that the editorials you read in local Ogden newspapers are all written locally, think again

Published on 2018-01-03

Some thoughts on Ogden national debt editorial #2 in what is certain to be a long-running series

Published on 2018-01-02

Reading the weekend opinion sections

Published on 2018-01-01

Some recent articles on West Virginia and Appalachia that you might find interesting

Published on 2017-12-30

In case you missed it: Trump on West Virginia and Joe Manchin

Published on 2017-12-29

Trump vacations

Published on 2017-12-27

Another fox may not make it to the hen house

Published on 2017-12-22

Latest CHIP update

Published on 2017-12-20

Henhouse update

Published on 2017-12-20

The straw men are back

Published on 2017-12-18

Today's AP article on the Republican tax plan must have been insufficiently pro-Trump

Published on 2017-12-17