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Fortune Magazine just put West Virginia teachers on their list of “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”

Published on 2018-04-21

WV’s senatorial candidates have it all wrong – we don’t need another “outsider” who will shake-up (or blow-up in Morissey’s case) Washington

Published on 2018-04-19

Stop the presses -- this is front page news

Published on 2018-04-18

"Donald Trump likes me best"

Published on 2018-04-16

New Manchin poll numbers drop

Published on 2018-04-12

What’s Bob Murray and Murray Energy been doing lately?

Published on 2018-04-11

Yesterday’s news tomorrow: the Wheeling Intelligencer ignores Monday’s biggest story (with updates)

Published on 2018-04-10

Is the Wheeling News-Register “Insisting on Ethical Conduct by Pruitt” (updated 4/10)

Published on 2018-04-09

As Ogden's coverage of McKinley and Manchin demonstrate: it's not about incumbency, it's about party affiliation

Published on 2018-04-08

A McKinley town hall? Why should he bother -- Ogden papers treat him as though he is running unopposed

Published on 2018-04-07

Clueless in Wheeling

Published on 2018-04-07

New Patrick Morrisey ad “blows up” Washington

Published on 2018-04-06

Trump in West Virginia

Published on 2018-04-05

Teacher strikes always bring out the best in state officials

Published on 2018-04-04

Cherry-picked statistics and straw-man arguments

Published on 2018-04-04

Additional reaction to Sinclair Broadcasting's "commitment to reporting facts"

Published on 2018-04-02

Sinclair Broadcasting’s news readers: “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”

Published on 2018-04-01

Today’s Intelligencer headline: “McKinley Seeks Solutions To W.Va.’s Opioid Crisis”

Published on 2018-03-30

WTOV takes another step toward becoming “Trump TV”

Published on 2018-03-27

Coal baron (present and past) updates

Published on 2018-03-26