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“Never Ever Back Down” *

Published on 2019-01-15

Ogden "fair and balanced" headline #473

Published on 2019-01-14

Nostradamus TV?

Published on 2019-01-10

Hey, Intelligencer -- you left out the third paragraph of this morning's AP report on the Trump/Democrat meeting to end the government shutdown

Published on 2019-01-10

Where’s Senator Capito on the border wall and government shutdown?

Published on 2019-01-09

Wheeling Intelligencer fact-checks Trump’s immigration speech

Published on 2019-01-09

Senator Manchin is everywhere

Published on 2019-01-08

Clueless in Wheeling: Mike Myer doesn’t understand why WV millennials are leaving the state

Published on 2019-01-07

The Wheeling Alternative's 2018 year in review

Published on 2019-01-02

A quick look at Sunday's Wheeling News-Register

Published on 2018-12-30

More old news from the Intelligencer? Yes, but the stories fill lots of space

Published on 2018-12-28

Our local media are failing us

Published on 2018-12-26

Supporting Trump by keeping its readers uninformed

Published on 2018-12-19

I’m looking forward to the day when West Virginia will cease being “a canary in a coal mine”

Published on 2018-12-18

Obamacare is declared unconstitutional but more importantly, our local community college has regained ownership of a city lot

Published on 2018-12-15

For those keeping score at home, the final result is in

Published on 2018-12-14

West Virginia Republicans get their revenge on public school teachers

Published on 2018-12-12

Coal, Trump and West Virginia University

Published on 2018-12-11

What have WV's senators been doing lately?

Published on 2018-12-07

The Intelligencer, out of its concern for the poor, editorializes that plastic bags should not be banned

Published on 2018-12-05