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A follow-up on reactions to Trump’s executive order

Published on 2019-02-16

Note to Representative McKinley: President Trump is upset that he hasn't received the Nobel Peace Prize

Published on 2019-02-15

Capito, McKinley, Wheeling "newspapers": will any of them pass the Republican hypocrisy test?

Published on 2019-02-15

From WV MetroNews: “W.Va. State Building & Construction Trades Council to offer drug tests to legislators”

Published on 2019-02-12

Guns on West Virginia's college campuses?

Published on 2019-02-12

Today's Wheeling News-Register takes the “news” out of “newspaper”

Published on 2019-02-10

Virginia responds to Onion article on West Virginia smugness (see 3 posts down) with words of Delegate Eric Porterfield (R – Mercer)

Published on 2019-02-09

Has Trump abandoned “clean, beautiful coal”?

Published on 2019-02-08

West Virginians still support Trump

Published on 2019-02-07

Some West Virginia humor from today's Onion

Published on 2019-02-06

The Republican field for the WV governor nomination is getting interesting

Published on 2019-02-06

The Intelligencer’s coverage of Trump’s State of the Union address

Published on 2019-02-06

What has Senator Capito been doing lately?

Published on 2019-02-05

Updates on Myer/racism and Capehart

Published on 2019-02-03

A 5 PM Tuesday look at the Republican plan to bring school vouchers to West Virginia

Published on 2019-01-29

Kochs bring their fake-grassroots organization to Steubenville

Published on 2019-01-28

Mike Myer weighs-in on the Covington/Native-American controversy

Published on 2019-01-27

Bluefield State College gets an ethically-challenged president (with update)

Published on 2019-01-25

West Virginia and China

Published on 2019-01-23

Why do incumbents served by small-market media seldom lose elections?

Published on 2019-01-22