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WVU president spent $2.2 million in tuition money to pay for private flights

Published on 2018-03-16

The dangers of fracking

Published on 2018-03-14

Politicizing baseball: Pittsburgh Pirate mascot shows up at a Republican rally

Published on 2018-03-10

“Think about where we have come from and where we are”

Published on 2018-03-09

The “noxious media weed” (Sinclair Broadcasting) takes a big step toward becoming Trump TV

Published on 2018-03-08

Huntington Herald-Dispatch makes winning bid for the Charleston Gazette-Mail

Published on 2018-03-08

With plenty of condescension, today’s Wheeling News-Register editorial warns public school employees not to be used by politicians

Published on 2018-03-07

Another look at Ogden's business plan for baseball and newspapers

Published on 2018-03-06

“School Could Be Out Indefinitely”

Published on 2018-03-04

Yet another fox for the henhouse: Dow Chemical lawyer to oversee Trump administration's response to hazardous spills and toxic sites

Published on 2018-03-03

What would have to happen to change your mind, Senator?

Published on 2018-03-02

Anti-Semitism is on the rise

Published on 2018-03-01

WV legislature obviously oblivious to what's going on around them

Published on 2018-02-28

Defending free speech?

Published on 2018-02-27

Updates on previous posts

Published on 2018-02-25

The Intelligencer praises Representative McKinley on the 45Q tax credit

Published on 2018-02-23

Guns and West Virginia

Published on 2018-02-23

The Trump administration’s war on coal miners

Published on 2018-02-22

Saving Senator Ryan

Published on 2018-02-20

McKinley town halls 7

Published on 2018-02-19